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    Matcha is special. Even the tea-experts can agree on that. That is exactly why they have decided that matcha is to be looked upon as a "specialty tea".

    We could not agree more.

    Matcha is the rare, green and beatiful gem of the tea-world. The Emerald of Teas. Hence our name: Emerald Matcha.

    So why is matcha so special? Well, is is all about how it is grown, processed and consumed.

    First, matcha is grown in the shade. Yes, that is right. In the shade. About a month before it is harvested, the Matcha tea field is shaded by bamboo. The shading results into a 90% reduction of sunlight. 

    The matcha now grows in a near-dark environment. To compensate for the lack of natural sunlight, the plants responds with a strong production of chlorophyll, filling the emerald green leaves with loads of amino acids. This process makes the chlorophyll rise to the very top leaves on the plant. 

    When the harvest comes, ONLY the youngest, most tender emerald green leaves are selected and handpicked from only the top third of the bush.

    Then the matcha is steamed, dried and the highest quality leaves are chosen, while the stems are carefully removed. Then on to the mills! Special stone mills grind the "tencha" into fine Matcha powder. 

    One single mill grinds usually only about 30 grams of Matcha every hour - one single Emerald Matcha Ceremonial Grade tin. So grind faster, you say? Nope, that would burn the leaves. 

    So as you see, the ingredients in every tea leaf is kept intact during the whole process. So that you and I can get the benefits of all the fantastic nutrients of the matcha leaf. Nothing is added. Nothing is thrown away. Just clean, natural energy and healthy, completely natural ingredients.

    Matcha is basically powerful, natural tea leaves. Just steamed, dried and crushed by a granite stone.

    It does not get more natural than that. 

    Matcha is not just another green tea. It is the king of green tea, made under very special conditions to make it just that....special.

    In regular tea, about 90% of the nutrients are thrown out with the tea leaves. When you drink matcha, you consume the matcha tea leaves whole. As they did in ancient times when tea was considered medicine, not just a regular beverage. 

    Matcha is mostly known to be used by Japanese Zen Buddhist Munks to aid and sustain them in relaxed concentration while meditating for hours and hours. Little known is perhaps the fact that the samurai chose to turn to matcha before battle. The long lasting energy boost and the matcha`s ability to ensure and promote a state of relaxed awareness was considered valuable for these legendary warriors.

    This is also the exact reason why matcha peaked our interest so many years ago, while training with the masters in Japan. I was just a young westerner that loved to train martial arts while living in Japan. From time to time I would perhaps train to hard & to often. So I had a tendency to get a cold & get sick from time to time. So my master. Takeshite Sensei, gave me matcha to take home and start drinking regularly. It worked. No more feeling under the weather. Just relaxed alertness - perfect for a young martial artist. 

    Emerald Matcha Organic, Japanese Matcha Green Tea:

    • 137 x the antioxidants of regular green tea.
    • 100% Organic, Vegan & Gluten Free.
    • It is sourced only from the best and most reputable farms in mostly the Uji-area, Japan, regarded as the top area for matcha - in the world.
    • More than 10 times the nutrients of regular green tea.
    • EU Organic Certification
    • JAS Certification
    • High levels of EGCG.
    • 200 times the amount of EGCG than regular green tea,