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    Frequently Asked Questions
    +How much matcha green tea do we recommend?

    1/2 – 1 teaspoon once a day if you are on a normal, healthy diet and are generally of good health.

    For an energy boost, weight loss or a detox: 1/2 – 1 teaspoon twice every day. Please mind your body`s reactions to the tea. Different people react differently. Find out what works for you.

    Battling a cold and the likes or just want to boost your immune system: 1/2 – 1 teaspoon 3 times a day. Please consult with your doctor before increasing the servings.

    +What time of day should I drink matcha?

    Anytime you feel you need an energy boost or increased mental focus! Matcha is pure natural energy. We recommend that matcha is consumed in the morning or early afternoon. Matcha has caffeine, so it will give you a nice, lasting boost and no coffee jitters. Perfect for after lunch to avoid that after-lunch slump. Or drink it before going out on the town to keep you at a peak state during that long awaited date with that special one or just kicking it with your friends.

    Matcha can be a very effective way of regulating your blood sugar, so it can assist you in supressing your cravings. If you are one of the many that uses matcha for weight loss, we would recommend that you drink Emerald Matcha after eating. Matcha can be a little intense on an empty stomach for some. Consider eating something healthy before drinking it.

    +What is the best & healthiest way to prepare my Emerald Matcha?

    Add a splash of lemon or lime juice. Citrus can aid in boosting the powerful antioxidants the four times, research has shown.

    People who are very sensitive to caffeine can find the similar effects of coffee. Please reduce your intake if you feel edgy. Matcha has a different type of caffeine called Theophylline. It gives you a more sustainable release of energy. Hence the fact that people report getting less coffee jitters. A perfect, more healthy and and natural replacement to regular coffee.

    +Is Emerald Matcha good for the skin?

    Matcha is great for your skin health. Matcha is fully loaded with natural antioxidants, nutrients & enzymes responsible for battling negative effects of the sun – UV radiation. Matcha can make your skin look younger and fight the aging process. This is why matcha beauty creams and serums are gaining in popularity these days. But those can come at hefty prices.

    Due to Emerald Matcha being 100% organic and completely free from additives, it is perfect for making that skin mask. And so much more affordable. Just combine 1 tsp of our Emerald Matcha Ceremonial Grade and a little bit of water/ Aloe Vera Gel and leave it on for 15 minutes or longer. If you have dry skin, just add another tsp of matcha and a 1/2 tsp of Organic Coconut Oil and you are set.

    +How does Emerald Matcha both stimulate and relax me?

    Matcha has been known to be used by the legendary warriors – the samurai, and Zen Munks for these exact qualities. Matcha`s unique composition of caffeine, theophylline and L-theanine makes this possible. The L-theanine is central to facilitate the transition from mental arousal to relaxation.

    +Does matcha contain coffee?

    Yes, it does. But the type of caffeine is different to that of regular coffee. Because of the timed-release effect of Theophylline, you do not get the sudden and drastic spikes in your insulin-levels as you may have with coffee. So there is no coffee crash and no coffee jitters.

    Matcha does not encourage the production of the stress hormone called cortisol, as coffee can do. Matcha provides you basically with all the benefits of coffee, less negative side-effects and some serious positive attributes like extreme levels of antioxidants, high in fiber, great for your skin, weighloss and more. A healthy alternative to coffee. We believe that matcha is the new coffee.

    +I am addicted to coffee. Is matcha an alternative for me?

    Most certainly is. Maybe even the very best alternative. Matcha`s timed release energy (Because of the unique combination of caffeine and Theophylline) gives you an energy release 4-6 times longer than that of coffee, while regulating your blood sugar levels far better. You will feel both energetic and content.

    The L-theanine calms you down, relaxing the nervous system. Sustained, calm & focused energy, That is what matcha provides, plus some serious health benefits like boosting your immune system, giving you healthy skin, promoting weightloss and more. Switch to matcha and you will probably not feel the need for coffee, anymore. We at Emerald Matcha believe matcha to be the new coffee. A better, natural and healthier altnernative.

    +Will matcha help me with my bloodsugar?

    Maany studies have shown that matcha is a natural blood thinner. So individuals that seeks to lower their blood pressure naturally – matcha can be a good fit. Those with low blood pressure, we recommend consult their doctor before trying matcha.

    +Does matcha affect cholesterol levels?

    There is research that points to the fact that the consumption of green tea can aid you in lowering your cholersterol. Green tea like matcha may help to inhibit lipid absorption in the digestive tract.

    +Who should not drink matcha?

    Women pregnant in the first trimester may want to consider not drinking matcha, due to the caffeine contents of matcha. Research has shown that 200-300mg of cafferine per day is a safe limit for pregnant women.

    A single serving of matcha typically contains about 30mg of caffeine. So it is certainly a much better alternative than drinking coffee. Individuals on blood-thinning medication should also avoid drinking matcha, due to the fact that matcha can be regarded as a natural blood thinner of sorts.

    +Why are there different grades of matcha tea?

    Emerald Matcha separates our products in to different categories: Ceremonial Grade & Premium Culinary Grade.

    Ceremonial Grade is our high quality matcha meant for drinking matcha like the Japanese do: Straight up! No nonsense, just water & tea. This is the tea for the matcha-fanatics out there.

    Premium Culinary Grade is our matcha for lattes, baking, cooking, ice-cream. Also perfect for drinking as it is higher quality than most ceremonial grades and culinary grades out there. All of our tea is of course 100% organic, vegan & gluten free. No additives.

    +Do I need to be worried about radiation?

    No, not at all. We fully guarantee the quality of all of our products. They are all fully tested for radiaton well within the legal standards. On top of this Emerald Matcha demands even higher standards for our suppliers than what the law requires. So do not worry. We got your back!

    +Can I drink matcha tea when pregnant?

    As matcha contains caffeine, you need to perhaps limit your intake when pregnant. Matcha contains about one fifth to one third of the caffeine of regular coffee, so you will be far better off switching from coffee to matcha, for example, when pregnant.