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    How does it work?

    Picture your matcha delivered exactly when you want it: on your doorstep, without even having to think about placing another order before you are all so suddenly empty. To make that vision a reality, we’re happy to offer the Emerald Matcha Subscribe & Save service! Make your tea habit even easier with our simple service

    Emerald Matcha Subscribe & Save:: 

    1. Your favorite tea delivered automatically
    2. Select the frequency and quantity that best fits your needs. (Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.)
    3. Change your preferences at any time
    4. Receive automatic email reminders before each delivery
    5. You can cancel, pause and restart at any time easily on your account-page.

    6. Earn reward-points automagically in our Emerald Rewards-program.




    • How does it work? Same as placing an order. Just choose your frequency you want. Once you complete your initial order, we will charge your credit card and ship your first order. On the same date every 1, 2, or 3 months thereafter, we will automagically repeat the credit card charge and repeat the delivery. 
    • Do I need an account with you? Yes. You do. It is fast and easy to set up. By the way, you will also earn reward-points in our Emerald Rewards-program, when you have an account.
    • What kind of payment methods can I Use? All major credit cards and Paypal.
    • I am going on vacation. Can I pause my subscription? Yes, you can easily pause at any time. Just log in and hit pause.
    • When will you charge my credit card? Your credit card will be charged immediately upon placing your first order. Then at every chosen interval by you. (Weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.)
    • Can I cancel my subscription? Yes, you can easily cancel at any time. Just log in and hit "cancel".
    • Can I update my adress and credit card details? Yes, of course. Just log in and follow the instructions.